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Super Bowl Half Time Rant

I don’t care what anyone says, Beyonce’s half time show didn’t live up to the hype. AT ALL. This is coming from someone who considers themselves an honorary Knowles-Carter. All she did was combine her  VMA Single Ladies performance with the Revel Baby Boy/Dutty Wine mix & the graphics from her Billboard award show performance. Then she threw Kelly and Michelle in the mix for the wow factor but it failed. The Destiny’s Child “surprise reunion” was predicted months ago. And am I the only one who noticed their mics seemed to be turned down during Single Ladies? #trifling. I’m over the weave swinging and ass shaking that she’s been doing since 2003. I’m ready for her to start performing some real choreography and get back to singing on key instead of dancing so hard (while making a bunch of ridiculous looking sexually suggestive faces) that all she can do is scream the lyrics. Seeing her performing the same songs to the same old routines made me realize how much her catalogue lacks. And Halo at the end sucked! Who howls a ballad at the end of their super bowl performance? She could have at least done the Sweet Dreams/Eurythmics mash up like she did at Glastonbury. If this was the highlight of her career as she’s calling it, then I guess it’s all downhill from here. Oh and calling Beyonce the second coming of Michael Jackson is just blasphemy. Even at her best, she’s more like this generation’s Tina Turner NOT MJ so please cut that shit out.

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